My newest release finally Lesbian lesbo girl-girl sensuality

Girl on Girl!  g-g  Girl action Two-girls Bisexual Lesbian

This is erotic sensuality with Emlilah  I am getting intimate with my girlfriend code "GF333L"  Refer to this when you want more of this content.  It is the start of a new phase of my artistic expression.  I offer it to all of you in your quest for enjoyment and pleasure of the natural BEAUTY in Life!!!


This is me and my girlfriend "GF 333L"  In my Emlilah Erotisia Archives, it is three sessions in a row, refer to #128, #129, #130
I will also be releasing more sessions and galleries with other girlfriends! stay tuned for those upCUMing releases!!!

Watch us have some good sensual sexual fun!!!


New site for my erotic content

Check out my channel, if you are already signed up on E.L.M.!  You have this new option OR you can continue requesting from me directly for private access.

video preview


Update to Emlilah Erotisia Archives

Hi all!
I updated more of the screengrabs.  Those are for #115, #116, #117, #118 and #21, #26, #35

#1 - #99 LIST part one

#100 - #199 LIST part two

Also I am announcing with anticipation my new girl-girl sessions next week!  I will be contacting those who have REQUESTED the hot sexual content!!


Started a new instagram

I should let you know all my instragrams... lol I do not use them that much yet.  But it might be a fun way to send pics to my fans! Some of you are using that Instragram app.


Emlilah Erotisia Archival pages updated

Updates and new gallery today
gallery #122 created
and gallery #73 screengrab

Here's some general info: Have a look. Pick something. Each numbered album has a price.  If you want more than one, there is a discount. It does not have descriptions yet. But I am working on it! 

The Emlilah Erotisia Archival LISTS 


You can look at the screengrab images, they are numbered.  Select those which interest you and let me know the number(s).  I am working on a description for each numbered Private Access album.  And a pricing list. 

More to come (as I am able) 

Squats for Strength Ecstasy Yoga by Emlilah

Now re-uploading some of my video clips to YooToob!! But not planning to have a full channel anymore.  After they terminated all of my hard work!!!!! :( 


Wow Terrible News! YooToob had the nerve to Terminate all my channels now

It's been a busy week and it all ends with YooToob terminating, deleting, erasing my main channel!! All my videos are gone *POOF*
They gave no reasoning, no notice, I just found out by trying to go to my channel and uploading a video for you.
SO what comes next?  I have to launch my new website!  But I am surely offering my Request service at this point!
 write to me for requests of private access!!!

Contact me at emlilah@yahoo.com  It's the only way to watch my videos from now until the website - maybe within a month from now.


Update and ALERT today November 4

Hi my fans, viewers, and friends out there!  Unfortunately, yootoob's more shit keeps happening.  That is yootoob's idea of business and entertainment.  Of course, they also control this site, so I can't say too much... I had most of my channels terminated.  Yes that is the news, the report.  Channels terminated, for no reason.  https://www.youtube.com/user/MasterEy1 https://www.youtube.com/user/ytpartners etc.

Basically, if (and when) the main channel goes down, I hope you go to my new website https://emlilah.com That is the only way to watch my best video content.

You can write to me emlilah@yahoo.com for requests.

Emlilah Erotisia Archives are being added and more screengrabs, pics to select from.