Eagle Pose is one of my favorite poses for spinal alignment.  When this pose is held correctly, it can give subtle spinal adjustments that open us into the perfect stretch while strengthening and toning our glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, shoulders, back, and stomach.  This pose becomes an all over body toning and stress relieving miracle! Here is my advice on moving slowly into this pose correctly and finding the perfect points to activate this.  Begin in Mountain Pose, stand tall, lifting up in the abs and pelvic floor.  Now lift up with the right leg, knee bent, toe pointed, and cross over the left standing leg.  Link that leg around, now sink down as though sitting slightly, but stay lifted in the core and pelvic floor the entire time. The next part is going to take this even deeper.   Allow your hips to open more by drawing those knees closer and inward together, as you rotate the knees inward, the hips will give an opening sensation to the lower spinal sciatic area of the back.  Work on keeping the hips squared and level.   Now take the left arms and wind beneath the right arm.  Twine those arms into the pose, bring the hands into straight alignment together.  Now here is the key for the spinal alignment.  Sink those elbows downward, letting the shoulders drop.  This gives an excellent stretch and release to the neck and shoulder area.    Combining these focused points in Eagle Pose will create the perfect stretch and relief for stress held within the neck and back.  Make sure you come out of the pose nice and slowly.  Now do the same on the other side.

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