Relationships are the perhaps the sailboats that we ride the great sea of reality upon, in order to discover  our own ability to spread our own wings and fly.  They remain these landing points of connecting with others to achieve anchor points of interest, manifestations, layers of discoveries, and bloom gardens when we reach the shore to land.  Life allows us to see clearly through the mirroring experiences.  The mirror reveals what we have hidden inside, the good, as well as the not so pretty, may emerge out.  In these moments of seeing, something amazing happens, we are given the chance to shift, to grow out of the shell, if we choose.  The first important thing to know about relationships, is the law of attraction.  We are always attracting what will draw what is within us outward, it will become exposed.  This is always the case and cannot be avoided.  One must meditate on the reality that we are all given the great seed within, what is meant to be, the blossoming flower.  Many times, layers upon layers must unfold, and sometimes we are detoxifying so much at first.  These may be the layers that have been holding us back.  I don't believe in blame.  What you are receiving, is what you need to learn from.  Sometimes the lesson is to step away and grow again from afar.  It is a myth that relationship means always together touching, allow lines of separation, and you will be amazed at what flourishes.  When a relationship has mastered the art of respecting each others boundaries, the dance will open more into serving humanity as a whole.  That clear communication and focus is allowing love to be in full bloom.  The secret is in the meditations of harnessing these thoughts of reality.  One must cut ties with anything that has not been love in the past, and allow illusion to dissolve fully in order to embrace what love is in the truth of it.  It is not someone handing you more illusion.  Remember though, it is up to you, to recognize what that illusion is.  True love is a center point of gratitude and respecting the desired evolving point.  It may ebb and flow as the waves of the sea, but your harnessed point of clarity will always serve as the knowing that everything that is happening is always making way for the best yet to come.  Love is wanting each other to thrive and survive. It is wanting the World to thrive and survive based from truth.  If relationships can serve to communicate reality between each other fully, then the blossoming that will take place, will take you both to the highest and you will spiral off from one another in a unison that ascends what is the masculine feminine divine awakening.  What an incredible dance!

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