The recent news about Duke Energy dumping coal ash into the NC Dan River is just another reason to wake up the masses to seeing better options for more eco friendly energy sources.  Duke energy has been purchasing coal from the Appalachian mountaintop operation which is responsible for blasting away the mountaintops and destroying more then five hundred ridges in Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio, and buried over one thousand miles of streams.  People living near these areas are at greater risk for birth defects and fifty percent more likely to die of cancer.  Duke energy offers no apology for their mistake, and in fact, expects the public to fork out their tax paying dollars to clean up this pollution spill that has destroyed the natural waters.  Imagine if people begin to not mind if Duke energy cuts off their service? Imagine if we all go solar and no longer need these services that mis use nature.  We could put evil corporations like this out of business for good.  They are in fact destroying our planet.  It is time to wake up people! Even if it means living simplistic for a while until other sources can be put into place.  I find what Duke energy has done to be unacceptable.  Why should anything be a major system upon this planet that does not offer good in return to mother nature and her natural beautiful, bountiful resources?  Go solar planet! Duke Energy, we the people, do not support you, and no longer need your services!

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