Is it love? Love for money, love for fame?  I remember recently seeing Kanye on a reality show preaching to his "boys" on the art of having many women to get around with.  They were in a bar for a guys night.  One guy in the crowd challenged Kanye's views and spoke up about his own beliefs to honor a woman completely with honesty and monogamy.   Kanye went on to explain how he would not have any woman ever tell him he could not be with many at once.  Does Kim Kardashian go along with that idea? Do they have a somewhat open relationship and soon to be marriage? Is the wedding basically to connect them as business partners and parents together, yet have a no expectations philosophy?  One can only wonder.  Hollywood is smoke and lights.  The hype is simply there to entertain.  Many stars, such as Sarah Michelle Geller, publicly spoke out , that they are appalled at seeing Kim Kardashian on the cover of Vogue.  Is this because of Kardashian's, not too long ago, auction donation to the Phillipines being such a small scrap of a donation when she is simply floating in a pool of so much "Mullah" that she could build herself glass palace after glass palace and parade around it while wearing high dollar fashion in a different cashmere design everyday.  Is she a worshiper of serving the ego rather then really knowing what it is to sacrifice a little and give something for real to help humanity?  Well, Kanye and Kim, the public seems to disapprove of the two of you, and perhaps for reasons that are legit and evident.  What have the two of you really given to humanity? Are you both just so obsessed with seeing your glamorized images all dolled up, plumped with fillers, and botoxed out that you have forgotten what beauty really is?  I don't think anyone is impressed with your cover photo.  Ouch! Kanye and Kim, try spreading messages of real reality.  Create actions that work on stopping hunger and war.  Try giving up a few of your bling blings' and plant some organic gardens all over the world for starving villages that have been bullied by industry corps.  Maybe then the public would all love to see you on the cover of the magazines.  Do I have to explain here what a real super star, reality star should be? Vogue that.

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