Megan Fox Plastic Surgery Beauty Standards

Megan Fox is portrayed and named to be one of the sexiest women in the world by magazine and Hollywood standards today.  The young star today has undergone an estimated $60,000 in plastic surgery.  By observing her before and after photos, it becomes obvious what she has had done and is ridiculous that society continues to name women who are portraying such unconfidence in themselves to be considered the "sexiest".  I can imagine the issues and conflicts within that a woman who does this must suffer.  Bad relationship dramas, terrible mothering, due to the fact that the soul is hidden from the persons ability to see themselves clearly and live a true existence beyond the camouflage of ego and and illusion as to what is important and healthy.  Megan looked perfectly beautiful before she underwent these surgeries.  One must wonder, why did she turn to injectables and implants rather then lifestyle changes towards owning up to natural beauty instead.  Do people realize the poisons and toxins they are putting under their skin for the obsession of what they think makes them more beautiful? I once lived with a female actress in Los Angeles, California, who like Megan Fox, began to change her face entirely, using injectables such as Restylene, Sculptra, and Botox.  Megan though, has altered her nose and breasts as well. She recently became a mother and I question a woman who can consider that breast implants are a safe choice when nursing her infant.  Society needs to evolve into better standards of beauty.  This store bought, plastic world, is reaching its point of revelations, revealing the scared little man behind the curtain so to say.  Its time people are given the truth and shown the real way to natural beauty.  Time to Honor Mother Nature based women and leave the Hollywood falsehoods in the dust, maybe then they too shall awaken.  

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