Sonia Perez Llanzon, a female athlete from Argentina, has died after injecting vasoline into her chest to boost the size of her breast.  She was a runner and a 39 year old mother to a twenty year old son.   She suffered fatal blood clots to her lungs after doing this procedure which was put out to the public as a "DIY" home method of enhancing ones bust size.  I am deeply disturbed that beautiful women like this everyday, are convinced by society that there is something "wrong" with mommy breasts, or normal size breasts that nature has blessed us with.  I blame the photo shop images, I blame the plastic surgery craze that Hollywood starlets, strippers, and porn stars portray.  Seems when people get money they so often alter their appearance in some way and then go in front of the public eye and ride some sort of power trip in the false ego that they can now be what is glamorous and listened to.  I blame magazines such as Playboy magazine who project that there is a standard of plastic looking boobs rather then natural ones that drop down a little to be the nurturing status of mother to child.  Do we all need to be reminded of what is beautiful? I would love it if natural was the standard and moms like this were not brainwashed by a society that would rather suffer injecting toxins into the body rather then living the life mother nature intended we feel beautiful in.   

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