Slowing down your isolation movements can build incredible strength. Combining isometrics with bellydance circling movements will align your spine and give you the definition your looking for in body toning and sculpting your form.  If you want to fine tune your bellydance in this way, here is my advice in teaching your body this new awareness in your practice.  First, skip the music for a change, go out to nature and listen to the wind song, the birds singing, the flow of the ocean, or the high altitude of forest trees swaying.  Wherever you are, just try it.  It will tune your body to a new way of feeling movement.  Breath Deeply with each move you do.  Allow it to deeply penetrate each rotation of hip circling.  I like to begin with slow pelvic tilts forward and back.  Squeezing and isolating the flutes along with synchronizing abdominal control.  This means pulling upward and inward with the muscles in the pelvic floor and behind the bellybutton.  You will develop a deeper sense of feeling many tiny muscles within this section of your body.  This is so important for women who have given childbirth.  Next begin to find circling patterns while keeping awareness of these isolation points.  The isolation points give you the structure needed to allow for spinal adjustments to happen.  You will experience internal massaging of your own body! Enjoy this natural way of healing and begin to hear the music nature provides.  When you return to practicing to music you will have found a brand new way of feeling the music through you naturally.  This also enhances our feelings of sensuality in dance, thought slowing down and connecting to our breath, no matter how much music speeds up, you will always have this connection point within.

Emlila Kyyboa (mother of four)

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