Jenny McCarthy, well known for her playboy centerfold fame, is now being criticized for her beliefs in anti vaccinations for infants and children.  When a woman becomes a mother, she becomes faced with these important decisions.  To vaccinate or not.  I for one, am against vaccinations as well and support McCarthy for stepping up to the plate and speaking publicly about an important issue.  In my opinion, natural herbs and holistic approach is always the best action, in fact it is the only action.  I am a medicine woman of nature, not pharmacy.  What I have seen on this planet from these medical pharmaceutical companies, is the destruction of native peoples natural living arrangement and forced control over them, while raping their land for these natural plants, then turning them into high dollar medical hoax.   Medical pharmaceutical companies are an evil in this world that has taken over, another suction into peoples wallets created by the money hungry systems of lies and deceit this world has been fed for too long.  When a woman gives birth in a hospital, she has to literally fight off the gnarling teeth faces of nurses ordered to take her baby "in" for shots and tests.  If she denies them access, she is then evaluated as a "bad mother" and risks even having her baby taken.  What is wrong with todays society that birth and child raising has become this manipulated power struggle game?  This is why, in my opinion, more parents today are seeking births at home and opting to steer clear of all medical facilities and systematic control.  Jenny McCarthy has sure done her homework on the facts that vaccination may cause children to become Autistic.  I believe that all vaccinations create this mildly to some degree.  They change the molecular structure in our children's DNA.  Most of these vaccinations contain levels of mercury and other harmful toxins.   We must ask ourselves, why fall prey to the fear based ideas these medical industries and what they want you to believe?  Once upon a time, we only consulted with a shaman or land elder, who knew the plant medicines, who knew the prayers.  It was holistic and natural way of healing and being protected.  I send much appreciation to Jenny McCarthy, also a mother, for bringing this issue up in the public eye.

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