Rasberry Leaf is one of my favorite, must have on hand at all times, herbs.  It is mild and miraculously soothing, yet effective and quickly aiding.  This herb is great for adolescence, pregnancy, and into the wise years.  If you have ever suffered a menstrual cramp, then you should know, this herb is most favorited for its quick and effective relief.  Rasberry leaf is also well known as a uterus toning herb. During all of my pregnancies, I sipped the herbal tea daily, as it prepares the uterus for childbirth and speeds up healing there after.  I sipped the warm herbal tea during my labor as well, as it aids in reducing the cramping of laboring sensations.  This herb also does its amazing job of assisting in the after birthing of the placenta.  Many hospital births, even though, natural labor is achieved, will try and suggest pitocin to sped up the placenta coming out.  Its important for mothers to know, that raspberry leaf will in fact do the job naturally and effectively, so that there is no need for medical interference.  Rasberry leaf is also an effective eye wash, as it is anti bacterial.  If any stomach irritations or flu symptoms occur, once again, the anti bacterial properties, and soothing effects of this herbal tea remedy work like a charm.  I should also mention, in case you suffer from skin acne, raspberry leaf will immediately work its miracles on your skin, clearing acne and leaving your skin smooth, soft, and evenly toned! This works because of the natural hormone balancing effects of this herbal remedy.  Balancing the hormones, will create a calming effect on mood swings and irritability.  I recommend drinking at least a cup or two a day as well as even applying it topically.

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