Having a baby can be one of the most beautiful and cherished events in a women's life.  A new mom is often so focused on her brand new bundle of joy, that she may not mind or even notice the subtle changes in loosened tummy skin right away in the first few weeks.  Months or even years later though, this can be an issue affecting how we feel about our bodies.  What if I tell you though, there are a few simple and natural secrets that can prevent this loss of elasticity. The secret is so simple, you will be amazed.  The best part is that the cost is under fifteen dollars!  Ok, so Im talking about dry brushing your body daily! Here's how you do it.  First go to your natural health food store and purchase one natural bristle body brush.  The cost should be between six and ten dollars.  Choose one that feels comfortable as your choices will be round, rectangular, with or without hand strap, with or without an extended handle for back reaching.  Its a beauty investment well worth it, and will last you a while if you care for it by washing it in mild natural soap such as baby bronner's once a week. Dry it in the sun, but do not leave it too long as the sun will wear down the natural bristles too much.  I also recommend you avoid showering your skin too often in city water.  Natural waters are best for soaking and if you live in the city you must remember that the chlorine and chemicals in the water are really harmful to us, breaking down our skin fibers.  If you can afford a shower filter that is great, but this can be two hundred dollars or more.  So if you are like me and looking to spend very little, just rinse off where needed, and stick to the daily brushing as a main way of cleansing the entire skin.  You will also want to begin using the best and natural protective oils such as unrefined coconut, raw shea butter, and jojoba, just to name a few of my favorites.  Always dry brush first, moving all the strokes towards your heart center.  Then follow with your choice of oil.  Remember, how we touch our skin and the thoughts we are thinking send energy into our bodies.  Always think loving and beautiful thought as you do your practices in skincare.  You will see your skin begin to glow and tone immediately.  Beautiful Mamas is what we are so give yourself this gift starting today!  

Emlila Kyyboa (mother of four)

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