Ecstasy-Yoga Belly Dance special requests

I want to say hi to all my viewers. I also want to acknowledge that I get a lot of requests, special requests. 

I am keeping track of those, but please be patient. Since I'm very busy I'm not able to fulfill those requests as of yet.

Really soon, I'll be trying to attend to those requests.  This will be done with the perks in my funding drive. If you haven't see the announcement yet, I'm going to college and will direct a film about my fitness practice! I hope you will get involved and help with some gifting to make sure my film will be produced! It will also hopefully get into a film festival.

The link for the film campaign is at https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/enternetglobal
please bookmark that and visit me there during February. Thanks! I appreciate your support and interest in my artistic expression!

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