As I Research King Solomon...

King Solomon, a man that I adore his wisdom, his connection to higher spiritual awareness within humanity.  A man who could see the world beyond the world, and cast demonic energies with his stare. A man who knew what true community should be among people purified in spirit.  A man whom women could truly love and feel devoted to, for he was the King of the way to find true happiness within ones own mind, just by listening and becoming attuned with him.  I can not help but feel such attraction to a man this wise and strong and spiritually robed in truth of his mind, his knowing.  I begin to scroll through images of Solomon and his many wives, whom he loved many from many lands.  I just cant help but to notice there is a picture of Hugh Hefner in this comparison in the GOOGLE images searches.  Why, I ask myself, is this humor put before me now, so that perhaps i may speak my mind clearly to my viewers on the Artistic way of living life that was lost in the shuffle of al these years? ahhhemm, plastic boobies and hair extensions, sex for money rather then for love...  Is our society so blind that we call these plastic barbies women, Queens?  That we call a man who projects that this is a Kings life, great in any way?   Spirit people, and if your with me, then you know what I mean.  Spirit is sexy, truth is sexy, and it doesn't matter if you are older & wiser, for our world is about to embrace the formation of reality at its best.  Lets gather to watch the patchwork quilt of falsehoods fade away.  No more need for augmentations of reality upon your skin, when in fact, the roots of evil are burrowed in the SOURCE of whatever pain you witness.  Let it be Solomon, the REAL Solomon who cometh forward to take his Queens by the hands and show them the passage way to the REAL BEAUTY of life, the real celebrity within spirit formed, as it is no other then what creator intend it to be.  Drink pure water if ye shall be able to resource and find it.  Was it not Solomon who warned of these times today? Yet Hefner and his hunnies who keep blinding you from TRUTH?  Are we at the brink of something amazing about to be witnessed? yes, I think we are.  The cracking of the skull breaks free, the whispers and the careless ways of those whom crossed borders only to spill bloodshed shall be banished from the "Gan Eden" shall we say. 

Farouhar, kheyli ba haleh, 
Emlilah Kyyboa 

Hefner...what a joke... plastic kingdom of idiots
A Real Man, No joke, Spiritual Insight is Sexy

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