Reflection on Art & Theory

Religion in my opinion could not exist without Art nor could
Art exist without the living essence of what keeps us longing for answers in
the unknown.  Both are a dual
relationship of spirit and matter form. This is a reflection, one could say that
we ourselves are the Art of God; Creator, Alaha, Elohim, Jah, Great
Spirit.  We cannot define Art as Art can
not define the entire mystery of what it is that exist as life itself and our
human formation to be here.   It is rather undefinable, Art & Religion,
yet something about each of them, and how they synergize as yin and yang, that
moves energy, ideas, and outcome, and each one serves the other so that living becomes
all the worth while to exist and be part of the magic of creation. When an
Artist is creating, they are expressing their inner soul, as if to draw a line
out to spirit in the hopes that it will reflect back a piece of the missing
puzzle back into their own psyche, and effect the world in ascension of
philosophy or idea.  I find that often it
does in fact, and somehow Art takes us through barriers, gateways, so that we
may receive an opening to the next great arena of existence.  Perhaps one could define this as a theory of
Ascension, that in example as which Yashua, Christ, was a master of serving as
profit and teacher to the people.

If we get into theories of Art over the years, we can
clearly see the shaping of humanity unraveling its tangles in what we find acceptable.  Removing the scars of what has been unjust,
or what has been serving as a blockade in the passageways to freedom found and
existed as living.  If we start with
Modernism we can see the appreciation for historical reflection, the desire to
be held in a comfort zone of what is factual in historical events, what is
serious matter, and what claims or strives to be sincere.  I would imagine if in the 1860’s, during this
purist movement, if a woman was to parade a pair of panties upon her head and
call it art, the world may not have been ready for such boldness and inner
pouring out of emotion.  The trend was to
keep things somewhat more in the foundations of what was told, learned, and
expected.  When we move to the 1950’s and
Pop Art emerges, we have new trends of this breaking open, or cracking open the
mold to expose what real emotion lies beneath humanity. 

Mapplethorpe is a beautiful example of this expression
exposing literally more of the skin and emotion of humanity through art.  His art pushes barriers for homosexuality to
be more acceptable in society and the intense Art portrayed perhaps a bit
shocking to some, is also a digesting for the artist and audience themselves to
express and release what has been locked inside of their subconscious.

Art that pushes barriers of religious beliefs has been one
of the most controversial movements.
Andre Serrano for examples, with “Piss Christ” may be hard for some to
take in what is being said while at first there is an urge to be repulsed by
the initial shock and idea, yet if we see it as Art that pushes open a barrier,
and look beyond the first reaction to what is perhaps more deeply being said,
one get the idea that this vulgarity could in fact be directed at the idea of
what Catholicism has done to push false concepts upon humanity about the
prophet himself, rather then a personal view on “Jesus” the Artist. This to me
is an artist that was expressing much pain towards the Catholic Church,
allowing society to ask why.

Constantine Brancusi made Imitation Art more acceptable by challenging
the world to understand his “Bird in Flight”.
A rather metaphorical structure, somewhat industrial and sculptured to
resemble the idea rather then be of the obvious.  Today I see this influence all over cities
and campuses where Art is metaphorical in structure to its meaning poetical

One of my favorite examples of a feminine artist who pushed
the barriers wide open is Karen Finley, a topic that some people may want to
avoid, but I want to go there.  Yes she
inserted things into her private parts on stage, but today Miley Cyrus, the
young performance artist today does the same thing, yet she is not kicked out
of venues and removed by police.  Was
Karen Finley a woman who broke the doorway down for others, yes! She was
extreme, but there is a sense that she must have been an era of the great
suppression women have experienced in this world literally pouring out the
great face of Kali Ma, perhaps on psychedelic enhancement, one could only
guess, so that the world could see the pain come out in the most vile way and
be shock absorbed to feel the changes that society would be about to wake up
to.  Would we have the “Vagina Monologues”
today if it was not for artist such as her?
I think society has come so far because certain bulls rammed down the double
doors!  My take on Karen Finley is that
she was a raw form of expression on issues such as Rape, Sexual Molestation,
domestic and childhood abuse, and it came out very harsh for people to witness
and understand. 

Art is the safe haven for those who seek to express their
pain from suppressed issues the world continues to break through.  There is a safety net somehow in this as the
creation of our art can catch all that has harmed, so that the world may heal, artist
and audience alike.  This is the true
relationship of Spirit and Matter as Art & Religion.  There is in fact the proof that the great
wonder allows us to express all to receive the true meaning of life once
everything is portrayed and exposed what has been hidden behind closed
doors.  An opening, we find in the
darkness, and then the next, and the next, and the next.  These vortexes of reality shifting our
consciousness open and creating new worlds within this world we know.  Art is though the tunnel of darkness and
light, and we are the observers of its reality series. 

Emlila Kyyboa

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