If years of sun exposure has your skin looking less then perfect, don't fret, there are things you can do to reverse it!
To combat those brown splotchy spots, also known as age spots, you can remove them by doing a few simple at home masks from very natural and in expensive ingredients.  Lets begin with how to make a rice flour mask.  You can purchase rice flour at your natural food store.  Mix this flour with yogurt, or if you like to go vegan, then use papaya or pineapple juice.  Any natural enzyme liquid will work.  mix the rice flour together with what you choose to use and allow it to sit for at least 20 minutes.  I usually prep my skin with apple cider vinegar first, then apply the mixture.   It will dry rather quickly.  You may notice this mask also will do an amazing job drawing out impurities such as blackheads from the nose area! I leave my on for about an hour and then wash off with warm water.  Next my beautiful skin empowerment action is applying castor oil.  yes, it is thick, but you can mix it with a lighter oil such as avocado, jojoba, coconut.  I also like to add drops of pure essential oil to mine.  The castor oil will have remarkable effects.  It is a cleansing oil, so it will actually clear the skin, smooth lines, and completely reverse years of damage, such as age spots.  The oil works to dissolve dead skin and oil that has been clogged in the pores.  If you get a pimple or two at first, then that means its working.  Once it clears out the trapped dirt and oil, your skin will just be radiant.   There is a technique actually called oil cleansing in which you apply the castor oil over night and then wash off in the morning, no soap, just warm water.  I do this and then apply a thin castor oil mixture afterwards.  You can also use lemon juice as a toner if you prefer. This combination of oiling is by far the most amazing skin secret I  have found thus far.  Age spots are diminished, wrinkles are gone!  Make sure you are protecting yourself from the sun during the harshest hours.  Another bonus to using Castor oil, is it also makes the eyelashes long and dark! I have found that by using this oiling technique, there is never any need for makeup! if you need to create a more matte look then check out my next blog on natural make up ideas!

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