The Grammy Awards Tonight

So another year of the Grammy's...happens tonight!  I only know this because as I was about to listen to my current favorite band, "Niyaz" on youtube, this annoying commercial pops up first.  There was not even a skip option so I waited it out and had the chance to see that the same people seem to be running the show of the Music industry still since when i was a tween even it seems.  Even Madonna is still going strong!  Wow.  Ok, so with that said, I hope everyone listens to the lines between the lines when it comes to music.  What are we really getting from what society offers.  Is it like a buffet and I want to eat some exotic fruit like a Longan Berry, yet all in reach is a non organic peach, you know the kind that comes out of a can and is coated in corn syrup. Here is a link to my personal favorite artist of 2015 right here on Ecstasy yoga belly dance blogger!  

My Vote for Best!

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