The Zombie Apocalypse! Are you Watching The Walking Dead?

The Walking dead is a trending show that many are entranced by.  The topic of Zombie movies came up in Film class the other day and so the professor begins to explain the theory behind why today young people are so obsessed with Zombie Apocalypse movies.  So here is the theory.  You guys feel there is no more hope for life and mankind upon this planet.  You have in fact given up and retreated only into the security of that little smartphone device that you keep scrolling rather then looking up and feeling part of the world around you.  That little screen is all you have, and the cinematography of Zombies are exactly what you see and feel is actually real about this world.  Those gruesome and walking dead bodies are creating scenes that you can relate our current world too.  Those images are enough to make any mother want to turn off the power on that screen of yours and take you to chant to the Green Tara instead, but hey, I realize you guys must be a bit stunned by the realities around you.  But here is some brain food for you before you turn into a Zombie yourself. The next time you want to scroll your iphone rather then look up and see what's around you, look up about E.M.F.'s and discover what they do to your brain, your nervous system, and you health.

Om tu Tare tu Tare Om

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