Update on Cindy Crawford in All Natural Photos

  • Was Cindy Crawford's Unretouched Lingerie Photo 'Stolen' and 'Maliciously Altered'?  People Magazine2 hours ago
  • Cindy Crawford's flaws were faked in viral lingerie photo: report

  • The "unretouched" Cindy Crawford photo is fake

Cindy Crawford lingerie image stirs debate over what...

The word just coming out from the actual photographer of those lingerie images:
Unflattering Cindy Crawford image that showed the supermodel in her lingerie is a 'fraudulent altered version'

That is the claim anyhow... who or what to believe?? 

A leaked photo of supermodel Cindy Crawford that was claimed to be 'untouched' by Photoshop is a fake, claims the photographer.
Celebrity snapper John Russo said in a statement to ABC News that the image - from a 2013 cover shoot with Marie Claire Mexico - was 'stolen or unlawfully accessed and then altered and distributed to the media.'
The image surfaced online last month and quickly went viral, showing Crawford, 49, displaying wrinkles and sagging skin around her stomach area. 
But what does all this mean for us ladies and our "body image" our self esteem??  Is this a fake distorted, confused culture that we are stuck in?!  

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