There's A lot of Anger in Bixch feuds these days

Why all the anger amongst women?  b/c there is so much competition and jealousy and envy.  It's all about the attention and making money on it! of course!!

Blac Chyna Sends Shocking Message To Heather Sanders After Snapchat Feud

Samantha Wilson 

Blac’s Instagram shows a blank piece of notebook paper with Blac’s manicured finger pointing to…nothing. “A list of b—hes that scare me,” she captioned the post. Okay, that’s really funny! She’s presumably referring to Heather, who threatened her several times during their Snapchat fight. “We’ve been waiting for you.” Heather said. “Why would I be talking about your hairline… I could start from your titties to your a**, inner thigh, knee, ankle, teeth, nose, eyebrow…” Damn!
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Heather and Blac’s fight on the social media platform was intense, to say the least. They hurled insults about each other’s appearances, and it got ugly! After Blac thinks Heather is insulting her hairline (what?) she begins attacking Heather’s appearance: her “fat a** gut” and “big a** thighs.”
Eventually, they start reminding each other how crazy they could get! “I could show you just how psychotic I really am. You could bring whoever,” Blac says. ““You are a psycho b**ch. You are a weirdo ass b**ch,” Heather responds, noting that Blac’s butt looks like a Dave & Buster’s ball. Okay!
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