My new channel got terminated! Bad news! Sorry to report this my fans and viewers!

AS some of you may know,we launched my new channel on youtube a few days ago!! It got an amazing response very quickly.  This channel is my first "paid subscription" channel. A lot of people were requesting it for a long time.  They wanted more graphic erotic videos and they wanted feature length; so their desires were going to met! We had about 200 subscribers in 3 days!! THANK YOU for the INTEREST AND SUPPORT!!! Never before seen footage was released already...
The bad news is that the channel is now in terminated status!!!!! :( We do not know why? Were we attacked by jealous competitors? Were we attacked by haters? Or did youtube decide internally to do this??
Actually we just posted several comments to viewers who were asking "What happened??" and those comments mysteriously DISAPPEARED along with our replies! strange!
Right now, we are seeking answers. We don't know. But we are going to keep trying. I want to show my best content to my fans!!! Please be patient as we are working out the issues.


On that same note: we are still negotiating with Vimeoh That site I feel is claiming my content was too "porny" I tend to disagree.  But what is porn anyway? Is it always a "bad connotation"??
Thanks for your patience. Please stay with the main channel for steady releases and updates!


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