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Emlilah offers CUSTOM videos & pics Write to me only at entertainmentgiantenternetg@gmail.com
Hi fans! viewers, subscribers! Here is info about the custom videos I OFFER. I can do them by request and according to the price. Of course, customs cost a bit more because each one is unique and geared towards you. I will do them if I can. This is very sexy and personal!

There is a list of all my private videos which can be rented for 2 day rental. The luv gift is (in US dollars or the equivalent in your currency) S2.50 per video. discount S10.00 per 5 videos.
There are also longer videos which are being released from the Emlilah archival vault - those are ranging from S4-7 each video.   If you would like to select from this secret list, please request "Emlilah Erotisia Archival List" and I will send it.

I am also going to offer my gently used clothing, those I have been wearing in my videos. I have been wanting to do a big clothes auction, but ebay might not be the best venue.

I also offer my private pictorial sets. These include nudes! They are on secret pages on this very site http://emlila.org  S2.00 per each of my pic sets.

CUSTOM video Categories or activities I am willing and able to do! (NOTE any of these can be half price, which is for half the amount of time 15minutes)
Different kinds of clothing can be requested. Just ask.
1) solo: things I do with myself S60 per session 30 minutes,  S30 non-nude special deal. Striptease, nauli, eating, dancing, belly dancing, yoga, bathing, etc.
2a) with my male partner husband: S80 per session focus on me: breast touching, pussy touched, asss touched, any part of body massaged, pussy licked, breast licked/sucked
2b) focus on his pleasure: S70 per session massaging him, blowjob, intercourse, handjob
3) with my girlfriends (girl on girl) S100 per session 30 minutes
I'll be happy to oblige your specific desires. As long as it is within reason. It takes me time to get to each one. But if I cannot, please understand.

P ayment is by - p a y pa l. A simple email invoice will be sent to you. I release the video as soon as the payment is received. You have to use the same email when you are signed-into-youtube as the email you are using now, because that  is the one which will be allowed access to view. Remember it is a 2 day rental for these videos.

Purchase of these videos can also be made, for twice the price of the rental. The high reolution file will be emailed to you. But you sign an agreement that you only have viewing rights and no copyright, no re-uploads.

THANK you for your interest! Looking forward to your enjoyment!

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