*Bookmark this post* HERE I will release the new site LINK for Private Access content Emlilah Erotisia Archives!

My Emlilah Erotisia Archival list of videos will be on a new site! It has to be a new site and re-created, with all the effort and hours to upload and index it.
*Update 2016 september29 Here is the link!!! It is for the current website I am using to share Private Access Emlilah Archive videos!!! Update November that is now private, that's the only way to do the site.  You have to request by email and pricing will be provided for your luv gift to the goddess :) emlilah@yahoo.com

Also, the screengrab is here, which is numbered all the private albums. It is the Emlilah Erotisia Archival LIST

It's all because GAWDAM YooToob destroyed your favorite videos!!!  ( Can somebody refer us to a good lawyer? LOL )  As of today (U.S. labor day) I cannot release the new site info. But some of you have it. I would ask you to keep it to yourself, respect!  It will be a secret until it is ready to be released. It will take some time, so please be patient.
During this phase, I am still processing requests!! I offer that for your enjoyment. Contact me with your requests, your want, your desire. emlilah@yahoo.com

Until then..