Where did all my private access videos go? My Emlilah Erotisia Archival List? Lost! Because YooToob destroyed it all. Service Announcement!

IMPORTANT INFO along with video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ty8pOI_cuNg

Hello all! And To my American audience - Happy Labor Day (How F***ing Ironic. My own labor and work has been TRASHED)
I have more bad news to report: my second service announcement in the past month!  Yootoob a.k.a. Gootube has taken their abusive power to the max. They went and got all TOS-tossers enforcing upon my PRIVATE videos. Yes my PRIVATE UNRELEASED video collection. Because of that OUR other Network channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/cnculbut/ is now gone!! It is Terminator'ed!!! WTF We are as pissed as you must be. We are beyond the limit of trying any new expansion in this unfair and unreasonable site. We are done with it. We will remain as we are ~ HERE. Please support by staying with us and considering my Emlilah feature film videos.
https://www.youtube.com/c/cnculbut/ R.I.P. That is where all the private access content lived! That is the huge archive which was going to be offered to consenting individuals, my loyal fans and viewers. Those who appreciate the Beauty and Nature of this living expression. But NO, YooToob would not have it.
That was the "Emlilah Erotisia Archival List" It is now gone. They destroyed it, all the 100s of hours of effort. It is now UNAVAILABLE due to their shadowy decision. Even though they allow all kinds of other such content on the site. Go figure. Can somebody refer us to a good lawyer? LOL

So you are wondering about our response, our solution? We are going to another site to reCreate the List, the archive, the Private Access videos! Yah!! WooHoo!! It is going to take weeks, months to re-do all this. Please be patient.

Where is this new place? The new site? Where will the new Emlilah Erotisia Archival List be found??? Secret!!! But those who have requested and ordered from me, you will know first. Also look to my site, the blog http://Emlila.ORG for further info. It will be entitled "new site for private access"

So in the near future, the next post will release the SECRET info! :)  With the link and the new list of videos!!! 

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